Agile Android

This concise book walks you through how to get unit testing and test driven development done on Android, specifically using JUnit 4. You'll learn how to do agile development quickly and correctly, with a significant increase in development efficiency and a reduction in the number of defects.

Agile practices have made major inroads in Java development, however it's very unusual to see something as basic as unit testing on an Android project. Done correctly, Agile development results in a significant increase in development efficiency and a reduction in the number of defects. Google have finally moved away from JUnit 3 and the developer can now do the more commonly accepted JUnit 4 tests in Android Studio.

Up until now getting JUnit testing up and running in Android was not for the "faint hearted." However, "now it's in Android Studio, there is no excuse," according to the author Godrey Nolan, president of RIIS LLC. Android developers are faced with their own set of problems such as tightly coupled code, fragmentation, immature testing tools all of which can be solved using existing Agile tools and techniques that this short book will teach you.

What You'll Learn:
  • What are the key Android unit testing tools and how to use them in Android Studio
  • What is the Agile testing pyramid for Android
  • When to use Espresso and when to use JUnit
  • What is mock testing and how to use Mockito in your Android apps
  • What are and how to use third party tools like Hamcrest, Roblectric, Jenkins and more
  • How to apply test driven development (TDD) to Android
  • How to add unit testing to someone else's code

This book is for Android app developers looking for an edge to build better quality Android apps.  Some experience with Java also helpful.

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