Apple Watch Series 4 User's Manual: Tips to Access Hidden Features of the Apple Watch Series 4 And Troubleshooting Common Problems

Update Alert: Apple Just Introduced Watchos 6, update your OS to enjoy its NEW Features. Apple Watch Series 4 Beginner to Pro Manual
If you just got an Apple watch series 4 and you intend to be an Apple watch expert in sixty minutes, then this book is for you.

The Apple Watch 4 is designed to help anyone who wears it live a healthier life by been more active. For people who want to be just active throughout the day to those who workout a few times a week to athletes committed to improving their performance. Apple watch 4 brings together the capabilities of an all day fitness tracker and a highly advance sports watch in one device. It tracks a wider variety of activities because it is able to collect more types of data. It uses an accelerometer to measure your total body movement; it also has a custom sensor that measures intensity by tracking your heart rate. It also uses the GPS and Wi-Fi on the iPhone to track real time locations and movements. The Apple watch 4 gives you a complete picture of your all day activity – not just highlighting the quality of movement but the quality and frequency as well. It is designed to over time, get to know you as a good personal trainer would. It does this by delivering intelligent reminders, keep you motivated and on track. It can also suggest goals that are personal, realistic and most important achievable which gives you a far better chance at succeeding in your daily fitness routine.

This book is designed as a complete beginner to pro manual. It also provides some hidden tips and tricks that you never knew could be performed on the Apple watch series 4.

In this Manual, you will learn the following:

Hardware Specification
Some Hidden Features of Apple Watch
Changing Custom Replies for Messaging App
Pinging a Missing iPhone with flash light enabled
Getting Screenshots of your Apple Watch
Saving Battery Life
Setting up Emergency SOS
Heart Rate Monitoring
Customizing App View of Apps
Creating Custom Watch Face directly from your Photos
Pushing the iMessage App to Max
Editing the Message Center from the Apple Watch
Making Purchases without using Applepay
Connecting to Your iPhone
Basics Components of Apple Watch
Features and Settings
Moving the App Icons Around
Adjust Brightness and Text Size
Understanding Sound & Haptics
Reserving Power
Basics Operations
Turning the Apple Watch ON or OFF or Forced Restart
Making Calls with Phone App
Voice Mail Option
Checking Out Notifications
Apple Pay and Passbook
ECG Feature of the Apple Watch 4
Customize Watch Faces
Apple Watch Dock

Basic Siri Commands for:
- Media controls
- Time and date
- Setting up To-do and shopping lists
- News and Weather
- Entertainment
- Food and Businesses
- Calculations/Conversions
- Definitions and Spellings
- Sports
- Search
- Holidays
Functions of Some Default Apps for the Series 4
Downloading and Installing Third-Party Watch Apps
Complete List of Recommended Third-Party Apps

Troubleshooting Apple Watch 4 for:
- Activity not tracking Accurately
- Watch Stuck on Apple Logo
- GPS Location Tracking Problem During Workouts
- Apple Watch not connecting to cellular away from the iPhone
- Walkie Talkies Not Working
- No Notifications for Messages or Emails
- No Siri Feedback etc.

Do not wait any longer, download “APPLE WATCH SERIES 4 USER’S MANUAL” right away and start your journey from beginner to badass Apple Watch enthusiast!

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