Murach's Android Programming (2nd Edition)

Want to learn how to develop Android apps? Then don't miss our new book: Murach's Android Programming (2nd Edition). It teaches you how to develop high-quality apps like the ones you can find in the Google Play store. The only prerequisite is a basic knowledge of Java. Everything else, including software installation, is covered.

To start, this book shows the Android Studio and Java skills you need to develop a Tip Calculator app for a smartphone or tablet. Then, it expands upon this app to show must-have Android skills such as working with layouts, widgets, events, themes, styles, menus, preferences, and fragments. Next, this book presents two more apps that illustrate Android skills programmers use every day, such as working with threads, files, adapters, intents, services, notifications, broadcast receivers, SQLite databases, content providers, and app widgets. Finally, this book presents an app that uses the Google Maps API and shows you how to submit your finished apps to the Google Play store.

The real-world apps let you see how the skills you're learning work together, and they illustrate how and when you'd use each skill. And all the content is presented in Murach's distinctive paired-pages style that developers find so clear and time-saving for both training and reference.

Also, the download for this book now includes a PDF file that shows how to take advantage of the new features of Android Studio that were introduced in 2017, and it shows how to fix some other issues so the apps presented in this book still work correctly with the latest versions of Android.

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