Beginner's Guide to iOS 12 App Development Using Swift 4: Xcode, Swift and App Design Fundamentals

This book covers iOS 12 app design fundamentals using the latest Swift 4.2 programming language, Xcode 10 and iOS 12 SDK.

The author assumes you have no experience in app development. The book starts with the installation of the required programming environment and setting up the simulators. Then, the simplest Hello World app is developed step by step. In the next chapter, basics of the Swift 4.2 programming language are given with practical examples. Screenshots and code snippets are clearly given in the book to guide the reader. After the Swift lecture, 7 complete apps (including a 2D game) are developed in seperate chapters. As the reader follows the development of the example apps, he/she will learn designing user interfaces, connecting interface objects to code, developing efficient Swift code and testing the app on simulators and real devices.

Chapters of the book and the contents of these chapters are as follows:

Chapter 1. Introduction: General info and the steps of developing an iOS app.

Chapter 2. Setting up your development environment: Installing Xcode, setting up signing identities, viewing/adding simulators and real devices.

Chapter 3. Test drive - the "Hello World" app: Creating a new Xcode project, adding and positioning user interface objects, building the project, running the developed app on the simulator and on the real device.

Chapter 4. Swift programming language: Variables, constants, optionals, arrays, dictionaries, sets, if-else and switch-case decision making statements, for and while loops, functions, classes, objects and inheritance in Swift 3. Each concept is clearly explained step by step with code examples and screenshots.

Chapter 5. Disco lights app: Using buttons and connecting actions to buttons in the code.

Chapter 6. Body mass index (BMI) calculator app: Using input boxes, performing calculations and displaying the results on the screen.

Chapter 7. Simple die roller app: Using random number generator functions, including image sets in your project, displaying images on the screen and changing the displayed image using Swift code.

Chapter 8. Exercise calorie calculator app: Using global variables, creating tabbed apps and utilizing segmented controls.

Chapter 9. Show my location app: Adding a map object to your app, setting required permissions, accessing GPS device and showing real time location on the map.

Chapter 10. S.O.S. sender app: Adding SMS functionality, setting required permissions and sending real time location using SMS.

Chapter 11. Bounce the ball game: Basics of SpriteKit that is used to develop 2D iOS games, adding objects to the game, sensing screen touches, moving game objects according to touches, combining all these and more to develop a complete 2D game.

This book includes 212 figures and 101 code snippets that are used to explain app development concepts clearly. Full resolution colour figures and project files can be viewed and downloaded from the the book's companion website:

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