I, Android: A Different Model

Malcolm Antares, “Zero” to his enemies, is charismatic and magnetic. The handsome and dangerous man is the perfect machine, tall and strong, fast and brilliant, a strategist and tactician capable of out-thinking anyone on the planet. With his wealth and power, he can have anything, and with his intelligence he can outsmart anyone. Except the one person he actually desires: Samantha Hart.

Androids are not only human-like, they have become so real they’ve waged a war to win their freedom from slavery and servitude, much like their human predecessors had centuries ago. Their sole aspiration is equality. To this goal, the rebel group Prometheus is formed, with the beautiful and genius human inventor and android sympathist Samantha Hart at its core.

The androids are slowly winning, and they have hope. However, one day a different model of android emerges from the shadows, one whose designed purpose is not uniformity or egalitarianism – but to reign supreme. This captivating model is a mystery; no one knows who designed or created him. Within Zero’s enigmatic programming lies the ability to bend the world’s most influential people to his will. He is endlessly cunning, ruthless and cold. And unfortunately for Prometheus, he’s on the wrong side – that of the human oppressors.

To make matters worse for the rebel group, who must now attempt to outwit a machine perpetually one step ahead, the new model’s main goal has become patently clear: He wants the heart of their operation, the source of every winning idea they’ve ever had. He wants Sam. He will stop at nothing to obtain her. For in her own mysteriously unique make-up lies the miraculous ability to make a machine feel emotions. What’s more, within the confines of her priceless mind hides a well-kept secret that means the difference between kneeling as a slave… and ruling the world.

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