MicroStation V8i Training Manual 3D Level 3

An eBook version, a full table of contents, and downloadable sample pages are available on the publisher's web site at micro-press.com. If you want to learn V8i 3D SS3 MicroStation this is the manual for you! Used extensively by universities, colleges, schools, trainers, and individuals to teach or learn MicroStation, this MicroStation 3D Level 3 Training Manual guides users through MicroStation's 3D functions in clear, step-by-step instructions and exercises, using over 740 illustrations and screen captures. Dual English and metric units are used throughout.

The instruction assumes that the user is familiar with the tools and techniques covered in the Level 1 and Level 2 manuals (or equivalent), and is ready to work with MicroStation's 3D drawing tools. As with the Level 1 and Level 2 manuals, you won't find a more user-friendly and effective 3D MicroStation manual that has Luxology rendering presented so clearly!

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